Vung Tau Wreck Details & Photos


The Vung Tau Wreck is located off the Con Dao island group, near the southern tip of Vietnam. She lies in 34 m of clear water, on a sandy seabed.

Having a substantial keel, the wreck came to rest on the seabed at an angle. Over the years the high side collapsed and was eaten away, while the low side was protected by sediments and the cargo. Consequently, only one half of the lower hull has survived.

It is the hull of a lorcha, a hybrid vessel combining Chinese and European construction techniques, and the first and only such vessel ever found.

The cargo comprised a magnificent array of Jingdezhen export porcelain. It seems to have been ordered with interior decoration in mind, with garnitures of jars and vases accounting for a large proportion of the consignment.

Non-ceramic artefacts included inkstones, ink sticks, personal seals, die, padlocks, woks, cauldrons, tweezers, combs, and even some silk survived.

The porcelain was destined for a port where it would have been transhipped onto a VOC vessel for the onward voyage to Holland. The other goods were to supply the Chinese community at the same port. That port was Batavia.


Large 'canal houses' beaker.

Vase with four wine cups.

Large gu-shaped vase.


Ceramic depictions of the 'terrible pissing woman'.

Soapstone carving of Guanyin.

Pocket sun dial.


Duan ink stone.

Japanese bronze mirror.